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Giving Back To What Keeps Us

The Sea Creative is inspired by stories of other responsible businesses such as Smile Clothing, Toms Shoes and Patagonia. These socially and environmentally conscious business models have inspired us to create a brand that doesn’t just simply trade but combines a human element of giving back to the SEA.

By joining this new movement TSC wishes to educate & help provide solutions to current environmental concerns for marine and coastal biodiversity in the surrounding area we call home. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians, the Arakwal Community of the land we’re we live, and wish to help conserve the pure beauty of this region that they have protected for tens of thousands of years.

As humans we enjoy the ocean most every day so it's our responsibility to tread lightly, protect it and give back where we can. Local business is a perfect way to do this. We are in close contact with ocean conservationists, marine scientists and ocean users… we present the raw facts and highlight where our tribe needs to focus its energy.

Our current pledge is to volunteer our time to write articles about marine and coastal biodiversity and the threats that need to be addressed in the local area. For each digital product purchased we will produce a fun educational article on marine & coastal conservation and share it via our social media channels to all our valued followers, with the goal of spreading awareness amongst our community. The article will also acknowledge your businesses involvement in helping us help the SEA. It’s a start and we hope to give back more and more as we grow.

~ We look forward to working with you ~

Glen Curley

Founder @ The Sea Creative